As a young teenager in this generation, I can see why people would agree with Kerr’s point, but only if you’re willing to overlook all the faults. I agree with the fact that it should not be put into the dictionary however, slang should as they’re just new words put into this new age. Slang isn’t […]

Oh how I love this school, one of the best cafeterias in London, let alone top notch first aid skills. Ah, that reminds me, I felt sick and went down to the basement to rest a little, only to find myself having a cup of water and a single paracetamol, then being sent back to […]

Waking up, feeling tired and all, sounds buzzing in my ear, achy from top to bottom, and yet, I felt strangely lively. Today was the first day of summer. I got my phone out, watched YouTube for  most of the day. If you asked me, my ideal holiday is staying inside and doing what you […]

– something dark with dread page 72 Symbolism is shown in this quote “Something dark with dread occurred to me, and as I thought about it I felt the dark thought break into panic.” The darkness can be viewed as despair growing in Joe because of his injury, it can also be viewed as a […]

The void of absence, after Simon had got back to the tent without Joe, the space left from where Joe would be sitting, was an empty void. Death, during the whole ordeal, they both nearly lost to it. The fact that they were close enough to practically touch death by their hands is a meaning […]

In our performance, we focused on portraying on the corruption and how it can ruin lives of those in the army. My role in the performance was a soldier who also had a sibling in the army with him. In my scene, me and my brother talk about old times while playing cards. later on […]

In drama, a way to develop is all the improvisation we have done. As a class, using some stimuli provided, we looked at an image of a man drowning and then performed as if we were drowning, the same thing with a man suffocating. Then we did a mute performance with the stimulus being costs […]

Mine and Lethaniel’s scene, we played the characters, Agamemnon and the Guard. In the scene, I had made a few mistakes, there were times when I feel like I lost character due to unexpectedness, even though I had lost character, I think the performance went well. If I had to say, me and Lethaniel have […]

Understanding of character: The scene I performed was Act two: Scene 5, it is a scene about Agamemnon and a guard. Agamemnon continues to get angry at the guard, listening to his rabble, the guard tells him that Achilles is planning to quit, Agamemnon doesn’t take this easily. My character, the guard is standing there […]

Malcolm X fought for the rights of black people during the 1950-60s. He left the Nation of Islam in 1964 and after his assassination, some even say that the Nation of Islam were the killers. Now to get to my point of how he is an anti-hero. Malcolm X was considered a very prominent African […]